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Helping companies grow revenue in a profitable and sustainable way. 


Páraic Cosgrave

Páraic is a highly experienced financial sales professional known for driving profitable and sustainable revenue growth. Early exposure to the dynamic world of capital markets in London and New York provided a strong foundation which enabled him to develop his leadership skills, specifically in the areas of client relationship management and rigorous sales planning. Thereafter, Páraic played key roles in high-growth fintech firms, such as SS&C Technologies, as an investor and sales leader, driving exponential revenue growth.

Throughout the past decade, Páraic has excelled as a global sales strategy leader for asset servicers and asset managers. His expertise and leadership have been sought by companies including BNP Paribas, Abbey Capital, and BNY Mellon. He has shaped effective go-to-market strategies and transformed sales teams to consistently exceed revenue targets.

Currently, as the founder of Knollwood Capital, Páraic runs an advisory firm dedicated to helping companies achieve profitable growth in a sustainable way. His in-depth knowledge of the financial services landscape and ability to drive sales teams make him a trusted partner for businesses whose goals are to deliver and sustain stakeholder value.

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Market Analysis & Opportunity

In-depth market analysis to identify growth opportunities, assess market trends, and target exact client personas. Gathering and analysis of data on market size, client segments, industry regulations, and emerging technologies.

Strategic & Tactical Sales Planning

Development of transformative strategic and tactical sales plans to match business objectives. The outcome is clearer goals, defined strategies, and actionable steps to drive growth, enhance client satisfaction, and optimise existing operations.

Business Expansion & Market Entry

Expansion of opportunities for clients into new markets and geographies. This includes market entry strategies, feasibility studies, identification of potential partners or alliances, and assessment of regulatory compliance requirements.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Assessment and enhancement of clients' sales and marketing alignment to achieve customer acquisition, retention, and revenue generation, including development of coordinated sales and marketing strategies, campaigns and leveraging of digital marketing channels.

Sales Talent Development

Provides expertise to companies on how to attract (missionaries), onboard (accelerate time to productivity), grow (coach, mentor, increase responsibility) and retain (progression opportunities) sales talent resulting in longer tenure in the sales team, quality hiring and a team that consistently drives revenue growth over the long term. 

Acquisition Integration

Assimilation of acquired businesses with a focus on cost efficiency, building consensus and coherence, while employing rigorous governance, risk management and control frameworks. This results in unlocking synergies, increasing average revenue per employee and driving better outcomes for clients.

Independent Non-Executive Director

Certified Investment Fund Director - Institute of Bankers,

April 2022

Páraic has over 30 years’ experience in banking, asset management, securities services and the financial services industry. He has held various global leadership roles in the financial world in London, New York and Dublin. He has extensive experience, initially on the banking and capital markets side and then on both the asset management and asset servicing side. Páraic has worked for firms such as SS&C Technologies, BNP Paribas Securities Services, Abbey Capital and BNY Mellon. 

He has been part of several Executive Management Committees within these organisations with a focus on business development, operational effectiveness, ESG, risk & compliance, and fund distribution in line with regulatory expectations and fund documentation.  

Today Páraic runs his own business, Knollwood Capital, focusing on helping companies grow revenue in a profitable and sustainable way.

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